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Dogs and other pets are often distressed at being taken from their home and usual routine and put into a kennel or other boarding arrangements. But staying at home while you go on holidays and being walked each day keeps them in their routine and happy. 


If you have a number of pets it is sometimes difficult to arrange board for them all and there can be a lot of running around before you leave for your holidays.


Why not leave them all at home where they will be happy and in the case of dogs they can be taken out for a daily walk. I am also happy to spend time playing with your cats or talking to your parrot.


I can visit your home once or twice per day, as you prefer, for pet feeding. I am also able to  clean litter trays, groom cats and dogs, and make sure they all have plenty of clean water to drink.


Additionally, often the sight or sound of a dog around the house provides some extra security while you are away.


(also see my Home Minding section)


Contact me to discuss your requirements.

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