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Why use a dog walker?

Dogs need to get out of the confines of the house or backyard on a regular basis. If they are kept confined they can become quite neurotic and exhibit bad behaviour such as barking at every noise or person passing by, chewing up your favourite things, digging up the garden, or crying when left alone.


A regular walk uses up some of your dog's excess energy and provides a daily dose of interesting smells along the way (Canine p-mails). Dog's sense of smell is 1000 better than humans so sniffing the scenery is as good as a TV show to them.


I try to arrange a different route each day for the walk so that your dog does not become bored with the scenery and sniffery.


Walks can be as short as 30 minutes for a small dog to one hour for a large dog and may include some jogging to burn off the calories of a very energetic dog if needed.


I love dogs so they get plenty of attention and are treated as though they are my own.


I always clean up after your dog using bio degradeable bags so that the footpaths and parks  do not become fouled.


Although I am not a dog trainer I will reinforce your dog's training and with my experience with dogs, I can usually improve their walking habits.  


I walk in most weather unless advised by the owner that it is too hot or too wet. In hot weather I walk early in the morning or in the evening. And when its very wet (in Adelaide???) I will delay the walk until conditions improve.

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